Yves Roucaute



President and founder of Y International Consulting.

Master in Epistemology (Sorbonne University), Master in Political science (Sorbonne University), PhD in philosophy (University of Sorbonne), PhD in Political science (Nanterre University),  “Agrégation” of Philosophy (France’s topflight teaching certificate),  “Agrégation” of Political Science (2nd place)

Inventor of paradigm of “Global Security” (2006), theorist of the “Revolution of the Contempory Times” (2018) which transforms the world,  not only with Nanotechnology, Articifial intelligence, Biotechnology, information technology but also with the explosion of the social networks, the contemporary art, the space conquest,  the hybridation of knoweldges…

Full Professor of University at the Faculty of Law, (Poitiers) then at Paris X Nanterre (1986-2019). Director of the Master « Risk Management ». Director and creator of three MBA since 2012. Institut Léonard de Vinci, MBA of « Digital Risks and Cybersécurité », MBA of « Sécurité intetieure » and MBA of « Risks in Bank, Finance, and Insurance »

Elected President of the scientific council, « Institut National des Hautes Etudes de Sécurité et de Justice » (Prime Minister). Director of the review « Cahiers de la Sécurité ». Supervision of  37 laboratories. 2005-2014. International expert in the « World University Forum » for The Creation of « the World University of Security and Social Development » (UNO-Rockfeller Foundation).  Board of the « International Association of Criminology », representative of France, since 2014. Laboratory Director of « International Relations, Defense and Homeland Security »,  GAP, University of Paris X. 2003-2015

Member of ministerial Teams

Advisor and speech writer to the the minister of Interior Claude Guéant (2011-2012), Advisor to the Minister of “Enseignement supérieur et recherche”  François Loos (2002). Advisor to the Minister of Economy and Finances, Alain Madelin (1995). Advisor “to the Prime Minister E.Balladur and his minister of communication Alain Carignon(1993-1994).


He wrote 17 books. The last one : « Le Bel Avenir de l’Humanité » (the Bright Future of Humanity), 2018.  This book is considered as the best book in human science since 50 years by Calmann-Lévy publisher which published this book with one of Hannah Arent and one of Raymond Aron in the prestigious  collection  « Liberté de l’esprit » reinitiated in that occasion. Book launce ceremony was held at the Institut de France.

Director of  TV channel, « France 3 », 1994-1999.


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